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Halloween Specials. Any services from Oct1-Oct 30th will be 30.00 only. Book 5-8 m-f and 10-8 saturdays. Please indicate which service you would like.



Hello, I am Rachel Reece Loper and I am the owner, operator of Reece Body Contouring and a Certified Body Contouring specialist. I have been into a healthy life style for over 20 years with healthy eating and working out. I feel that this business goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for help in removing that stubborn fat/cellulite that you cant remove with workout then you have come the the right place and the right person.

Body Contouring aka Laser Lipo aka Lipo Cavitation which is a non-invasive procedure using ultrasound to break down fat from the body. Body Contouring is painless, removes fat cells permantly and shapes the body.


Body Contouring for Men

Interest in losing inches or removing stubborn fat areas.


Results vary with every client

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE

Reece Body Contouring provides an alternative to traditional liposuction with the same results. There is ZERO SURGERY, ZERO PAIN, ZERO RECOVERY TIME AND ZERO SIDE EFFECTS


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